Kayaksurf Donoratico in Basque Country

Kayaksurf Donoratico no País Basco

O Team Donoratico (Itália) anda de férias pelo País Basco e enviou-nos algumas fotos. Francesco Socci e companhia sempre a curtir umas ondas!

Donoratico Team (Italy) went till Basque Country in a surf trip. Francesco Socci sent us some photos. Enjoy it ;)



Grazzie Socci!


Boas ondas,

luis pedro abreu

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Waveski in G-Land with Bernie Huigsloot / VIDEO II

Novo vídeo de Bernie na Indonésia... luxo!

Mais um vídeo de luxo com Bernie Huigsloot, NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net, a surfar como poucos na poderosa G-Land, Indonésia. Mais em baixo, o link para a entrevista mais recente que nos deu. Muito bom ;)

One more video with our NEWS TEAM great surfer Bernie Huigsloot and his son, Nic. The infamous G-Land in full power. Below, the link for his latest interview in kayaksurf.net ;)



Thanks Bernie!


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WWST11 / NEW video by Breizhriders TV

Novo vídeo by Breizhriders TV / Mundial de Waveski Ocean Spirit

É o mais recente e muitos outros estão ainda na calha. Mais uma produção da Mamgoz e Breizhriders TV. Enjoy it ;)

It's the most recent and we all expect some more. Mamgoz productions and Breizhriders TV and their GREAT work at WWST11 Ocean Spirit Portugal. Enjoy it!




Boas ondas,

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WWST 2011 / Ocean Spirit / Special Trophys

Mundial de Waveski / Recordemos os Troféus Especiais Ocean Spirit Festival

Jackie Dillon for WWSA

Para além dos troféus do campeonato, o Ocean Spirit Festival galardoou algumas personalidades com os designados "troféus especiais". Aqui fica toda a lista!

Besides the regular trophys, the WWST Ocean Spirit also awarded some personalities. Check them below ;)


Best Wave by kayaksurf.net for Rees Duncan / Score: 9.67

Bruno Melo / The Ocean Man

Best Mayor for the Town Hall of Torres Vedras

luis pedro abreu, kayaksurf.net / Ocean Friend Trophy

The youngest athlete Trophy for Baptiste Escola (France) – 13 years old

The veteran Trophy for David Allan (Scotland) - 70 years old

Trophy Ocean Spirit Team - for Vitor Figueiredo and Jaime Rosas (Beach Marshalls)

Other that we don't have any photos for now:

Trophy Sportsmanship / He'll be back for Ruan Brand - the athlete that injured his shoulder


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WWST 2011 / Ocean Spirit / PHOTOS OF THE DAY

As FOTOS DO DIA eleitas para o Mundial de Waveski Ocean Spirit 2011

Estas foram as melhores fotos dos dias de competição no Mundial de Waveski Ocean Spirit. Foram votadas no nosso Facebook! Parabéns aos atletas e aos fotógrafos ;)

These were the best photos (PHOTOS OF THE DAY) elected on our Facebook section during these fantastic days. Congratulations for th athletes and also for the photographers ;)


DAY 1: Stefano Bellotti by Pete Copp

DAY 2: Blair by ocean spirit festival

DAY 3: Mael Divialle by ocean spirit festival

DAY 4: Pierre "Paillou" Ortega / photo @ ocean spirit festival

DAY 5: Virgile Humbert, Guadalupe, France / photo by @ ocean spirit

Congratulations for all!!


Boas ondas,

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WWST 2011 / Ocean Spirit Festival 2011 / 16th Report by Steve Farthing

Mundial de Waveski / Portugal Ocean Spirit / Último report de Steve Farthing directo de Santa Cruz...

Steve Farthing and Mel Hardy / WWST11 Ocean Spirit Festival by kayaksurf.net

Campeão do Mundo de Kayaksurf Masters HP e Campeão Mundial de Waveski Masters... é só para alguns ;) Steve Farthing, para além se ser um verdadeiro "gentleman", é um surfista de topo como muito poucos devem existir a nível mundial. Veio uma vez mais a Portugal ganhar um título Mundial (ganhou o anterior em 2009 no Mundial de Kayaksurf Ocean Spirit) e agora, antes de regressar à Austrália, ainda teve tempo de nos enviar estas imagens e o report 16... sem palavras. É um senhor.

World Kayaksurf Masters HP Champion 2009 and World Masters Waveski Champion 2011... this is not definetly for all ;) Steve Farthing is a real gentleman and also one world TOP surfer. While he was in Portugal, he wrotes for us 16 reports (!!). He and Mel Hardy simply made an awesome work... SINCERELY... THANKS!!!! Have a great trip back home and keep Ocean Spirit and Portugal in our minds ;)


Ocean Spirit on my mind
by Steve Farthing
Report No 16

It was the last day of the waiting period, the swell was dropping, the fog had rolled in and we had 4 finals, 2 minor finals and 2 tag team events to complete before the high tide turned the comp site into a lake, talk about pressure on the organizers.

Another minor hiccup was some low life stole the computerized judging system the night before, so no live scores.

The senior’s final hit the water at 12:30; Rees Duncan had some unfinished business to attend to and blitzed it with another display of radical controlled surfing.

The master’s final followed and we had the pick of the swell window. It was all very close but the judges gave it to me this time, yeah.

The open final was another tough battle between Virgile and Pablo, Virgile reversed the junior result with his powerful style but it could have gone either way. In 2003, Virgile watched the World Waveski Titles in Guadaloupe. Eight years later his dream to be the World Champion has come true.

With the women’s final, after having come 2nd 5 times in the past and attending 14 world titles, Sandra Pinnear finally got her trophy but had to work hard to beat Jackie Dillon who threw everything into it.

After the women’s final the high tide took the waves away again and hence the minor finals and tag team events were cancelled. The awards ceremony kicked off at about 4 and yes a lot of people got wet in the pool and then the party started and let me tell you the Portuguese know how to throw a party.

A big thanks to everyone involved in putting this show together, so memorable in many ways. I can’t wait to come back and attend another Ocean Spirit event.

Good-bye Ocean Spirit, until next time.


The fog rolls in....midday in Santa Cruz

Ocean Spirit

Fernando and Luis Pedro, Mr.kayaksurf.net

Pablo and Virgile, two of the sports new stars

Steve Farthing after the Masters Final

Ben John after Seniors Final

Sandra and Jackie after the Women's Final

Rees Duncan, Seniors Champ with his biggest fans


THANKS!!!!! Great NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net ;)


Boas ondas,

luis pedro abreu

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WWST11 / Ceremony Awards PHOTOS

Fotos da cerimónia de entrega de prémios

14 countries in WWST Ocean Spirit ;)

Esta semana vamos detalhar mais notícias mas, para já, aqui fica amostra da entrega de prémios. estão DOIS álbums com todas as fotos no nosso Facebook!

This week, we're going to publish further reports about the ceremony but, for now, some photos from the award ceremony. TWO albuns are already in our Facebook ;) Link blow.


Open Podium



boas ondas,

luis pedro abreu

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WWST 2011 / Ocean Spirit / 6th Day / FINALS - RESULTS


Virgile Humbert / Waveski World Champion 2011 Portugal Ocean Spirit Festival

Último dia de competição com as finais de Open, Masters, Seniores, Women e o Tag Team. Começámos as baterias às 11.40h com algum nevoeiro mas tudo descobriu ao meio dia (felizmente!!). Ficam os resultados e, muito em breve, mais fotos ;)

Last day of competition with the Open, Masters, Seniors and Women FINALS + Tag Team Event. Competition started at 11.40am with some fog but things were clear (finally!!) at 12h. Check out the results of an excellent champonship. Congratulations for all! Soon, more photos ;)


WWST11 / Ocean Spirit Festival / FINAL RESULTS

Virgile Humbert (Guadalupe, FRA)

1- Virgile Humbert FRA
3- Renan Leloutre FRA (minor finals were cancelled)
3- Rees Duncan Snr AUS

Rees Duncan (AUS) / Senior World Champion

1- Rees Duncan AUS
2- Michael Orsmond UK
3- Michael Cowan SA
4- Ben John AUS

Steve Farthing (AUS) / Masters World Champion

1- Stephen Farthing AUS
2- Blair Moore AUS
3- Lance Milnes AUS
4 - Doug Copeland SA

Sandra Pienaar - Women World Champion

1- Sandra Pienaar SA
2- Jackie Dillon AUS
3- Melissa Hardy AUS (minor finals were cancelled)
3- Coralie Jousett FRA

TAG TEAM (cancelled due the conditions)


Boas ondas,

luis pedro abreu

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