Kayaksurf & Waveski Ireland / Paddlesurf.ie Comp 1 by Mickey Barry

Paddlesurf.ie Comp 1 - Tullan, Donegal / Report de Mickey Barry

Bom, depois da apresentação do Mike há pouco mais de um dia, aqui está o primeiro report da sua autoria. É referente à prova do passado sábado em Tullan (NW da Irlanda) que reuniu as duas categorias do kayaksurf (HP e IC) e o waveski. Curiosamente, Mickey venceu a categoria HP ;) Fica o report.

Well, a few hours after we present the most recent element of our NEWS TEAM, here is his first report ;) Mickey summarizes us the main information about the event. By the way, congratulations for the first place on kayaksurf HP Mickey!!


2011 Irish Paddlesurf

The 2011 Irish Paddlesurf year kicked off at Tullan strand with small but super clean waves. The day started early with everyone making the trip down the beach with hooters, tents, flags, waveski's, HP and IC boats.

Heats, Reps and Finals all went off quickly with a noticeable improvement in surfing from all regular competitors and some great surfing from some newcomers.
Even on the small waves, it can be seen people are hungry for airtime.

Sunday was a training day with Waveskier Marty McCann providing tips to anyone who wanted them and giving feedback and lessons for people to take home and practice.

Great weekend, good surfing and excellent training for all.


International Class
1) James O'donnell (Donegal)
2) Paddy McGovern (Dublin)
3) Mickey Barry (Cork)
4) Aisling Griffin (Cork)

High Performace
1) Mickey Barry (Cork)
2) Brendan Barry (Cork)
3) Conor O'Donnell (Donegal)
4) Kieran McDyre (Donegal)

1) Marty McCann (Donegal)
2) Mark Taylor (Fermanagh)
3) Brendan Barry (Cork)
4) Declan O'Donnell (Donegal)



Thanks Mickey!!

Boas ondas,

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Kayaksurf Italia / Santa Cruz Paddle Surf 2011

Stefano Bellotti & Gabriele Dellacasa no SCPF 2011

Ambos são presença habitual no kayaksurf.net. Sefano Bellotti e Gabriele Dellacasa contam com o apoio, entre outros, da SURFACTIVITY e GRAVITA ZERO e, entre 18 e 20 deste mês, lá estarão uma vez mais em Santa Cruz, Califórnia. Boa sorte para os craques italianos!!
They are both regular presences on kayaksurf.net. Stefano Belloti and Gabriele Dellacasa have the support, among others, from SURFACTIVITY and GRAVITA ZERO. From 18th till 20th of this month, they will be once more in California for one more Santa Cruz Festival. Good luck for the Italian Squad!!

Gabriele Dellacasa (photos by GZ TEAM)

Stefano Bellotti





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KAYAKSURF / Meet Mickey Barry / NEWS TEAM Ireland

NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net / Mickey Barry / O novo elemento da Irlanda

Photo by Johnny McCarthy (others: Courtesy of MickeyB)

É o mais recente elemento da nossa NEWS TEAM! Directamente da Irlanda, Mickey Barry. Mais um apaixonado pelas pagaias e ondas. Mickey já colaborava connosco há vários anos mas agora, "oficializámos" a sua entrada para a equipa de notícias mais poderosa do mundo do kayaksurf e waveski. Fica o perfil do Mickey mais em baixo.

It's the most recent collaboration for our magnificent NEWS TEAM ;) Micky Barry already contributed with kayaksurf.net a few years ago and now, we formalize his entry to the most powerfull kayaksurf & waveski worldwide NEWS TEAM ;) Mickey lives in Ireland and you can check below his profile. THANKS and welcolme Mickey!!


Name: Mickey Barry
Age: 28
Occupation: Computer Monkey
Address: Cork, Ireland
Paddling since: 2001

Favourite surf spots:
Moss Landing, CA;
Easkey, Sligo, Ireland;
Inchydoney Sandbar, Cork, Ireland.

Random Evolution, Mega Trident, Wavesport boats for freshwater fun( Project X, Deisel 80 )+ Gath Gedi Helmet + AT Paddles are on the way, currently Werner Sidekicks / PeakUK Cag, BA, Booties.

Sportive achievements:
1st Kayak Intervarsity's Rodeo '04, '05.
1st Limerick Riverfest Big Air Ramp '06.
1st Limerick Riverfest X-pression Session '07.
1st Cork Rodeo '09
4th Longboat - Irish Surfkayak Open '09 ( First time in a longboat, WOOOOO )
1st Shortboat - Clare Surf Kayak Event March 2010
1st Longboat - Donegal Surf Kayak Event September 2010
1st Longboat - Paddlesurf.ie League 2010
Organiser of several succesful Freestyle and Boater X comps.
Chairperson - Irish Freestyle Committee 08/09
PRO - Irish Freestyle Committee 09/10

Some PHOTOS (Courtesy of MickeyB):


Boas ondas,
luis pedro abreu

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Waveski School / Sables d'Olonne, France

Sables d'Olonne / Waveski School em França by Fred Jonneaux

Quando Mathieu Babarit vem a Portugal, faz as delícias de fotógrafos e amantes da modalidade com o seu surf de luxo. Para além do multi-campeão mundial, uma nova geração está a despontar no waveski francês. Ainda na passada semana estivemos a observar a Octopus em acção nas ondas de Peniche, e lá estavam vários jovens a treinar sob orientação de Matt.
Fred Jonneaux, NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net, ajuda-nos a perceber melhor este fenómeno do waveski em França. É que, para além desta formação "privada", algumas escolas "públicas" têm desenvolvido um trabalho fantástico. Como a de Sables d'Olonne. Fica o report de Fred. Muito bom.
Fred Jonneaux, NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net, presents us the great work that the Section Sportive du lycée Savary de Mauléon, Sables D'Olonne, has been done for the waveski scene in France. It's a special school, with waveski training during the school time. Young riders from 15 to 19 years old can go in this school. Great riders as Caroline Angibaud, Coralie Jousset, Renan Leloutre, etc... were in this school. See below the description of Fred and on the top, the video produced by Mathieu Jonneaux.


Waveski School / Sables d'Olonne, France
Section Sportive du lycée Savary de Mauléon
by Fred Jonneaux

It's opened to young riders, from 15 to 19 years old. There is only 7 places on waveski class, and to get there the students must have a good level in school work, first, because it's the most important, and be competitors in waveski activity. There are also several other sport classes in this school, as : surf, beach volley, sailing boat.
The riders have 3 training sessions during the week, and one more on the week-end. Also, they have a special place very close to the beach, where they have their boards, in a locked garage. They all have their own key, and can go there for a short session at any time out of school time (it's 5 mn away by bike from the school).
Between 1st of december to 1st of March, they don't have training in the water, but have 3 sport training a week in the school (running, muculation reinforcement, etc... with physical performance evaluations. One of the teachers follows each student, scrutinizing his school performances, and his sport performances. Every 6 weeks, each student has an individual meeting with teachers and waveski coach. If he doesn't work enough at school, they reduce his sport time to make sure he can progress on school work, etc...
The waveski coach is Gérard Lucas, who was one of the first french waveski world champion, and has been coaching the French National Waveski Team for a long time in the 90's, and until 2003 (I'm not sure about 2003).

Mathieu Babarit was also a coach and not training in this school, the waveski school was created in 2000 and Mathieu was not anymore at school. Then, before he created Octopus School, he worked for several years as waveski coach for this school.
I think this is a very good way for riders to get a very good level in waveski, because they can go in the water almost every day, and teachers make sure they do their best at school to build their future. At the same time, every waveski rider in France hear about this school, and this is probably one of the reasons we have so many young riders, with very good level.


Mèrci Fred!


Boas ondas,
luis pedro abreu

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Club Kayaksurf Galicia in the cover of spanish magazine

Alex Moure, Club Kayaksurf Galicia, na capa da "Aguas Vivas"

A Revista Digital da Real Federación Española de Piraguismo, elegeu o excelente trabalho que o Club Kayaksurf Galicia está a desenvolver pelo kayaksurf e waveski em Espanha e promoveu uma foto de um dos seus atletas na capa. Alex Moure, fotografado por Esther Otero, na edição nº 126. Parabéns CKSG!

The digital magazine of the "Real Federación Española de Piraguismo" (spanish paddling federation), just elected one of the Club Kayaksurf Galicia ahletes to the cover of his latest number. It's just the recognition of the great work that this club has been done for the kayaksurf and waveski scene in Galicia, Spain. Congratulations for Alex Moure (in the photo) and also for CKSG!


Alex Moure / Original photo by Esther Otero



Felicitaciones CKSG!


Boas ondas,

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Kayaksurf UK / Report by Marc Woolward & Carol Janganant

Report by Marc Woolward & Caroline Janganant

A surfada decorreu no passado fim de semana em Bantham (Devon, England), e juntou vários craques nas ondas, A swell não ajudou muito mas a diversão reinou. Fica o report de Marc e Carol - NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net.

Check out the report from Marc about this past weekend in Bantham (Devon, England). Surfkayaking session with very well known names ;)
It's been a long, hard winter. Haven't made it out West for months due to work commitments, bad bad weather, and sickness. So when the chance to get out there came along this weekend we grabbed it despite the poor forecast. The Storm Front battering the North Coast made it unsurfable so a few text messages and a bunch of us were heading for Bantham on the southcoast of Devon. As we got there, the storm passed and the sun came out and despite howling cross-shore winds and small swell it was a fun session. Always is when you're surfing with friends. Interpretation by Caroline Janganant.

Paddlers - 2 World Champions and a bunch of ne'er do wells. Chris Hobson, David Speller, Chris Jones, Denzil Pearce, Pete Blenkinson, and me (Marc Woolward).

Caroline Janganant

Paddling out

Dave Speller

Marc Woolward

Chris Hobson

Marc Woolward


Thanks Marc and Carol!

Boas ondas,
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Kayaksurf / Dessie McGlinchey with a new sponsor

Dessie McGlinchey conta com mais um apoio - parabéns Dessie!

Dessie McGlinchey, NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net, conta com mais um apoio. Para além da GATH, a Lendal patrocina igualmente o atleta da selecção norte-irlandesa de kayaksurf. Nada de mais. Dessie tem desenvolvido um excelente trabalho em prol da modalidade e, para além dos habituais vídeos que produz, continua com as suas actividades de formação no clube da CANISURF. Isto, claro, sem contar com o seu currículo desportivo de luxo ;) Parabéns Dessie!

Dessie McGlinchey, NEWS TEAM kayaksurf.net, has one more support. Besides GATH, Lendal paddles will also sponsors him. That's simply the recognition of the great work that Dessie has done for northern ireland surflkayaking for several years. Besides being an awesome surfer, Dessie also contributes in training for NI surfkayak. Congratulations Dessie and continues the good work.


Lendal is proud and delighted to renew Sponsorship with Dessie McGlinchey, Level 5 surf coach from Northern Ireland. We hope to work closely with Dessie to test and develop our blades and paddles to the optimum performance standard.

Dessie paddles both classes in comps and has achieved best results in the International Class but also enjoys paddling the short finned boat. Dessie is gained status as a Level 5 Surf Coach in 2003 and has been involved in coaching the Northern Ireland Surf Squad since 2002.

The squad has achieved some great results in the individual events at the highest levels. Team paddlers have achieved World, European, British and Irish titles in both Senior and Junior level since 2004.

“Welcome on board the Team Dessie”.

Congratulations Dessie!


Boas ondas,

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ROBSON / Check the NEW Catalog 2011

Catálogo da ROBSON para 2011... é só escolher ;)

Bem, estamos a falar de uma das líderes mundiais de equipamento para canoagem. Pagaias, kayaks, coletes, saiotes, pranchas de SUP, etc. O kayaksurf.net orgulha-se de contar com a colaboração da ROBSON há vários anos e aqui fica o convite para uma espreitadela ao catálogo para este ano. Basta CLICAR na imagem de cima. Luxo!!

Well, we're speaking of one of the TOP worldwide brands about paddling equipment. Made in Germany for the world, you can choose from ROBSON whatever you need: paddles, kayaks, PFD's, spraydecks, fins, stand up boards, etc. We proudly collaborate with ROBSON several years ago and now, we invite you all to check this year catalog. It's simply amazing! CLICK on the TOP image and go!


Visite a nossa secção ROBSON / CLICK:

Northern Ireland

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